Why Use an Electronic Cigarette

Finding information on why one should quit smoking is not hard to do. With so many harmful ingredients in cigarettes and so many detrimental side effects from it, it seems that finding a reason to initiate smoking would be difficult; however, the tobacco industry is finding new customers every single day. After a person begins smoking, quitting becomes more and more difficult in correlation with the longevity of smoking.

Nicotine is a huge factor in retaining tobacco users to smoke cigarettes and is notorious for being highly addictive. Addiction to cigarettes is actually an addiction to the nicotine and the behavioral tendencies of this addiction are similar to that of far harsher drugs such as heroin and cocaine.

Along with nicotine, there are 4,000 other chemicals in every single slender, white cigarette inhaled every single day. Included in the extensive list of chemicals from smoking are:

•    Formaldehyde
•    Ammonia
•    Acetone
•    Carbon Monoxide
•    Arsenic

That is just to name a few of the more easily recognizable ones. This list represents less than 1% of the ingredients produced from each pack of cigarettes, each and every single cigarette, and inhaled multiple times each day.

Apart from the nicotine, cigarette smoking is a habit that is hard to break. One may get used to smoking while driving or having a cigarette after dinner. This, as with any habit, is hard to break. That is where an electronic cigarette can come in handy. After dinner, instead of striking a match and continuing down a long road that almost always ends up in hospitalization, whipping out an electronic cigarette is a drastically safer alternative. By looking and feeling like a real cigarette, all the habits are still there when the battery starts up upon first inhalation, just none of the perilous side effects that combustion of tobacco creates.

The only drawback to the electronic cigarette is a chemical called Propylene Glycol. This chemical allows the liquid nicotine in the device to be turned into a vapor and inhaled by the user. While the ingredient is approved by the FDA in many types of materials, it is still undergoing studies as an inhalant even though previous studies have shown no negative health effects (this is the same type of “smoke” used during Halloween and rock concerts). Far more research is going into this smoking alternative than went into the “analog” tobacco cigarette it seems.

Propylene Glycol has been the reason many companies have had their electronic cigarettes seized by the government. While it seems they have the public’s best interest at heart in doing this, tobacco cigarettes continue to be sold world-wide without the American Government so much as batting an eye. Could it be Big Tobacco running scared to their government mother and whining and crying about the electric cigarette that could soon be cutting into their profit shares and victims, I mean, customers? We’ll continue to report on the overwhelming evidence that indicates this.

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