What Prompted You to Try an Electronic Cigarette Part VIII

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Continuing our series of entries received in our contest, What Prompted You to Try an Electronic Cigarette. This is our final post of entries received.

Entry 15 from Jonathan W.

The event that made me try an electronic cigarette would have to be the death of my Father, who died of lung cancer a year ago. He was a smoker for 26 years and half of the people in my family are also smokers. I did not want to have the same fate of my father or the other millions of people who have died because of cigarette smoking. So therefore I decided to be proactive and change my mindset of traditional cigarettes. Now I am 6 months cigarette free and loving it. Plus the Safecig is an amazing help.

Entry 16 from Jason

I have smoked since I was 15. I am now 29. I started smoking when my mother was sick with cancer and I felt like I needed something to calm my
nerves. By the time I was 17 I was hooked. My father died from lung cancer when I was 21 and my mother ended up dieing from brain cancer just 2 years after. I decided I needed to quit smoking analogs. I tired patches, gum, pills, nothing seemed to completely heal the urge to smoke. Until a good friend of mine told me about E-Cigs and how they were AMAZING. I did some research for about 5 days, read blogs, product reviews, twitter, and facebook and came to terms that Safecig was the best in the industry and were made right here in CA. I ordered a kit and that night poured water on my pack of cigs. With the help of Safecig I have been able to 100% drop smoking and now only smoke my Safecig. I can smoke were ever I want. I don’t have to worry what others think about me. I don’t smell anymore. I stopped coughing and I am extremely impressed with the taylor made products Safecig has to offer. I am SOLD!!!! I have since convinced 2 other friends to buy Safecig kits.

Entry 17 from Judith

I live in a small 2 bedroom mobile home. I don’t want second hand smoke bothering my grand daughter that lives with me. I’m hoping seeing me with an electronic cigarette will keep her smoke free.

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