What Prompted You to Try an Electronic Cigarette Part VII

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Continuing our series of entries received in our contest, What Prompted You to Try an Electronic Cigarette.

Entry 14 from Brandon

When I was 12 years old, my father was diagnosed with cancer, mainly caused by smoking. He was a 25 year smoker, and finally it had caught up with him, the worst of the worst, it could cost him his life. After many doctor appointments and a successful surgery, he could proudly say that he had defeated cancer, and vowed to never smoke a cigarette again. When I was 14 years old, I began hanging out with the wrong crowd, and soon enough, a little peer pressure and the “need to fit in”, coerced me to try my first ever cigarette.  At 23 I had twin boys, and the wonderful journey of fatherhood began, the love, the joy, the happiness, the long nights, no sleeping for days, and the massive amount of stress. I was smoking more then ever, nearly 2 packs a day, and boy oh boy was I feeling it; my lungs hurt, i was constantly sick, coughing, morning noon and night. I would play with my kids and be winded in minutes, I would have to sit down, sometimes I would even have to take a nap to regain the energy I lost in that 6 minutes of running around the couch. I never actually enjoyed smoking, it has always disgusted me, for obvious reasons, but I just couldn’t put those darn things down and walk away. I tried many times, and I did it all, the patch, the gum, cold turkey, chantax, ect…., all with no avail. Now with me and my lady smoking, her other 3 children were nagging and bugging us about stopping, they would cry to us saying how they don’t want us to die, total guilt trip ( and they knew exactly what they were doing), and sooner or later it came to the point to where they became ballsy, and would steal them and crush them. One summer I worked for a friend at the Great NY State Fair, as a cashier; two ladies came up to the register holding electronic cigarettes, and puffing away on them. As a smoker I was VERY interested in what they were. Ten to fifteen minutes later of them explaining to me what it was, whether or not it worked for them, and how much money they were saving, they left never to be seen again. For months these “ecigs” as the two ladies called them, had been swimming in my mind, I had to try them, just had to; I started out on Craigslist, and searched for an ecig, I found on called Randy’s, bought them for me and my lady, and gave them a shot. For about an hour they were awesome, then they began to taste bad, the battery broke, and the charger stopped charging. I returned them; and continued to smoke my beloved Camel Turkish Golds. About a month or 2 later I really started doing some research and got a few free trials of a few different brands of ecigs, Lucy, Blu, Green smoke, all were highly rated on the site I was on. None of them worked well, some didn’t have much vapor, some gave no throat hit, and some were just gross tasting all around. Needless to say, I sent those back very unsatisfied, and once again continued smoking the yucky’s. One day I was searching a new website and saw The Safecig ad in the corner of my homepage, so I clicked. Out of all the previous ones I have tried, The Safecig was the only one I found that offered a lifetime warranty on the product, along with a 30 day guarantee. As I did more research and discovered that The Safe Cig also had the lowest refill prices, and the newest and best technology when it came to the 2 piece design and prefilled cartridges, rather then the messy “fill it yourself” cartridges ( imagine my twin boys getting a hold of that and taking a drink, no thank you, not happening).  It was also one of the only websites that would actually give you the ingredients and their definition to what they put in the cartridge, so now I know what I’m putting into my body as well, and I know that it’s safer then a real cigarette. I bought it, in fact I bought 2 kits, one for my lady and I.  After receiving lightning fast delivery I opened it, screwed the battery and the cartridge together, and smiled at what came next. The vapor draw was thick, more then a real cigarette, the taste was great, clean and tasty, and the hit was completely unexpected, so I coughed while laughing thinking to myself, ” NO FREAKING WAY, THIS THING IS SWEEEEEEET”. One week after I received this new product, I had put my Camels down, and had only my Ecig, the best one I had ever tried. One year and one month later, here I sit on my computer, smoking my Turkish flavored safecig, typing this story to you, still smoke free, still loving my Safecig, and $4000 richer ( that’s how much I saved in the past year by switching).  I can’t thank The Safecig enough, as it has truly saved my life.

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