What Prompted You to Try an Electronic Cigarette Part V

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Continuing our series of entries received in our contest, What Prompted You to Try an Electronic Cigarette.

Entry 11 from Lori

The reason I tried to quite smoking with electronic cigarettes is because I like to smoke more than I have an addiction to nicotine.  Using the Safecig gives me the calming feeling I like when smoking a cigarette.  I have tried other electronic cigarettes in the past, but none of them last as long or taste as real to me as the Safecig does.  I have tried to quite smoking many different times through the years without being able to continue not smoking until I found Safecig.  The main reason for quiting for me is my mother is in a respiratory care clinic at this time with severe COPD and EMPHYSEMA because of many years of smoking.  It is very hard to go to the hospital everyday and see her on a ventilator because of smoking.  I have a son who is 18 years old who I do not want to have to visit me like I am having to visit my mother, also I do not want to cause harm to my husband or child with second hand smoke because of my nasty habit.  I hope to continue my success with Safecig in the future.

Entry 12 from Traci

As I write this, I am anxiously awaiting my first electronic cigarette to arrive in the mail and I cannot hardly wait.  I haven’t had the opportunity to try one yet, but I have already made up my mind that I will make this work, not only for the health benefits for myself, but for my family as well.  I have been a full-time smoker since I was 16 and I am now 45.  I have tried to quit so many times that I have lost count, but it is always in the back of my mind and honestly, I feel like a failure because of it.  I am very self-conscious about my habit, knowing that it is unhealthy for me and the people in my life, as well as frankly being a nasty, stinky, expensive, and very much frowned-upon habit.  Two weeks ago I was browsing around on YouTube, not looking for anything in particular, when I saw a video about electronic cigarettes and I watched it.  I was amazed at what I saw and a light bulb went off, and for the first time ever I thought, holy cow, this is going to be my success story.  This is the first time that I have ever been able to visualize an avenue that I know I can stick with and will soon be able to say, I quit smoking cigarettes!  With all of my other attempts at stopping (nicotine gum, patches, cold turkey, slowly weaning), I was never able to actually see myself being successful, even though the want to was definitely there.  I have been searching the internet nonstop and reading every bit of info I can find along with reading forums and visiting tons of websites trying to learn everything I can.  I have no doubt that electronic cigarettes are going to change my life, and in turn, I will change other people’s lives because I am going to sing it to the world (starting with my friends and family that currently smoke, lol).  I am hoping that I will still be eligible to be entered into this contest, even though I haven’t actually “vaped” before, but I am crossing my fingers that my mini starter kit will arrive tomorrow and a faithful “vaper” I will be!  I am sooooo ready!!!  Thank you so much for this opportunity.

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