Voting Contest – Video’s How The Safecig Promotes Self-Improvement

Are you loving that the micro was released? Truly loving it? The Micro is just one more way The Safecig is meeting your desires to change your life.

Today, I’m bringing you the entries from “How The Safecig Promotes Self-Improvement” and love the ones received. Voting is simple! Just leave a comment on this post letting us know which one you like the most. All entries are numbered to make it easy.

While you are checking out these videos, keep in mind that there is another video contest underway, “Describe The Safecig Experience.” You can snag up a $50 gift card on that one, too!

We are jam-packed with contests through the end of October. Here’s a snapshot of what is coming up.

What is the best feature of The Safecig

Best Dessert

Spookiest Costume

Best Costume

How The Safecig Promotes Financial Health

Best Custer Service Experience with The Safecig

Breathing Easy, Testimonials about The Safecig

There are MANY opportunities to earn great prizes with The Safecig. For all the bloggers out there, I might have to think of a few just for you. (They have asked!)

Now, onto the videos submitted!

Here is Video 1

Here is Video 2

Here is video 3

These are great videos! I would have a hard time deciding. But I’m taking the easy way out and asking YOU to vote instead. We love what you have to say and now you can have your say!

Which video is your favorite?

Leave a comment with your number – 1, 2, or 3 and the person with the highest votes at 11:59 CST tomorrow will win a $50 gift certificate! Join in on our other contests, too!

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