Top Ten States Most Addicted to Smoking

MH900305844Virtually everywhere you look, there is a non-smoking sign or a new ban passed that prohibits cigarettes from burning. In spite of all the regulations on smoking, many people continue to light up. The following list of states; based off government data, bans and restrictions, taxes and sales, and smoking attributed deaths compiled by, represents the greatest percentage of population that continues to defy legislature and smoke.

Missouri: This state is all for smoking when it comes to taxes. A whopping 17 cent tax is imposed above the government’s $1.00 per pack. Perhaps the low cost of tobacco is an encouragement to keep on puffing?

Louisiana: In a state known for wild parties in the streets, it should come as no surprise that more than one in five people smoke. State Senator Rob Marionneaux has tried, without success, to gain support of a ban aimed at stubbing out smoking in bars. Perhaps the ones out drinking are the ones lighting up?

Mississippi: One of three states that does not restrict smoking in child-care facilities, though bans exist prohibiting lighting up in government buildings and on college campuses. A recent proposal to broaden the scope of bans met disapproval.

Oklahoma: Home of the Marlboro Man and one of the nation’s highest ranking states for smoking-related deaths and smokers.

Kentucky: Tobacco production is an important industry in Kentucky. Last year, Kentucky tobacco farmers grew approximately 140 million pounds of burning leaf. The state has the second-highest adult smoking rate in the country!

South Carolina: A mere 57 cent tax on cigarettes might be partly to blame for inclusion in this list. Smokers in this state have a small 2 per cent success rate of remaining smoke-free for one year with each quit attempt and are free to light up in restaurants, bars, private businesses, and in retail stores!

Indiana: The Hoosier State is included in the top three states in the country that are most lenient where smoking restrictions are concerned. The American Lung Association has even offered Indiana with an “F” in smoke-free air.

Tennessee: Ranking among the worst in the number of packs of cigarettes sold per person and in the rate of smoking related deaths. The state spends the smallest amount on smoking cessation.

Arkansas: With twenty three per cent of residents smoking, Governor Mike Beebe has made reducing secondhand smoke a statewide priority.

West Virginia: Home to the most smokers in the nation! Twenty-seven per cent of Mountain State residents light up regularly. West Virginia also has the second highest number of smoking-related deaths in the country.

Did your state hit this list? Are you ready to throw those tobacco sticks in the trash for good? Quitting smoking might not be easy, but there are amazing alternatives available.

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