The Micro, Unloaded

Anticipated for months, The Safecig Micro was released the public September, 16, 2011.

Slimmer, smaller, and packed with power, The Safecig Micro is the smallest electronic cigarette in the world.

Just over a week prior to release, I received my Micro and a few flavors to sample. As an avid fan of the original, I squealed with excitement as I removed the wrapper from my pack. I instantly fell in love with the pack. While it looks like a standard cigarette pack, it is clearly designed to maintain shape with a rigid foam insert that has three slots to hold batteries with flavored cartridges attached and space to carry five additional refills.

Upon removing the two batteries and 7 refills contained in the pack, I opened the side compartment to find a USB charger resting inside another foam wedge.

Each refill has a plastic cap that screws onto the connector, with a tab covering the back end with a pull tab. These features on The Safecig Micro make changing out cartridges a more simple and faster process.

Side by Side (by Side?) Comparison

The Original – 10.5 centimeters in length and 10 millimeters in diameter with the refill attached.

The Micro – 9 centimeters in length and 9 millimeters in diameter with the refill attached.

A 100’s Tobacco Cigarette – 10 centimeters in length and 8 millimeters in diameter.

I thought that one millimeter would not make much of a difference, but it does! I’ve often compared the original to Camel Wide’s with their larger diameter. The Micro’s reduced size left me reminiscing of the days when I tortured myself with tobacco cigarettes.

The Original – Battery life of 4 to 5 hours, averaging about 4. Fulling charged in an hour.

The Micro – Battery life of 1 – 2 smoking hours, but mine have lasted over the 120 minute mark. Fully charged in 45 – 50 minutes.

I have not noticed one problem with the shorter battery life. Since each pack comes with two batteries, I can keep one on the charger and use the other without worry that I might be without the two batteries. I highly encourage each of you to pick up a third battery, especially for traveling to keep in your pack.


The Safecig Micro packs each come with their own white USB charger. The smaller diameter will not fit on the original USB. However, the Micro’s white USB will fit in the wall and car charger housing units. It is the same plug-and-charge system we love with our computers, too!

My thoughts

The Micro is not only packed with amazing flavors (I’ve sampled four out of the ten new flavors), it is even closer to smoking a cigarette than before. The vapor from the refills hits the throat and keeps those cravings at bay.

The Safecig Micro is currently available in 18 mg strengths, but will soon be available in additional milligram options!

Happy Vaping!

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