Before Switching to The Safecig Part III

Before switching to the Safecig, I never realized I was missing out on such a more powerful singing voice!
I’ve smoked for 13 years, and have been a professional singer in NYC for the last 10. I sing hard rock so I need to be able to wail above the loud drums and amped up instruments.
Cigarettes are hard to avoid when it comes to this industry- you take a break in rehearsal, everyone hangs out in the hallway for a smoke.
You spend an all-nighter in the recording studio, the cigarettes are what keep you awake to the end.
You have writer’s block and can’t finish the lyrics to a song? Go take a smoke break and clear your head, that last verse will come to you in no time.
You finish a stage performance under hot lights and crowded rooms, you can’t WAIT to get outside for some fresh air and a cigarette (gotta love that oxymoron), and a chance to chat up the fellow smoking fans, away from all the noise and chaos going on inside the venue.

I’ve always known that smoking is not the smartest of hobbies for a vocalist, but I always justified my smoke-inhaling, whiskey-drinking ways by saying that “it just helps me get that edgy, gravelly tone to my voice.”

My father died 9 years ago from a heart attack that might have been prevented, had he not been a 2-pack-a-day smoker.
My mother was diagnosed a few years ago with COPD, also from a lifetime of smoking.
If things like E-Cigarettes had been around in their days, maybe things would be different. I’d like to think they would have at least tried it.
It was for these reasons that I decided a few months ago to try out the Safecig, a chance to maybe give myself a different outcome.

I wasn’t sure if it would stick- I’ve had many friends try many brands, and they usually go back to real cigarettes after about a month.
Well, it’s been three months with me, and somehow I’ve actually grown to PREFER the Safecig to real cigarettes!
And I still get to “pretend” like I’m smoking in all the situations I’ve grown used to, while people barely even notice it’s not a real one, based on the number of times I’m approached for either a lighter or a spare cigarette. I love watching the facial reactions of these strangers on the street when I say “Oh, sorry, this is fake.”

I’ve had so many surprises with this change- My skin is clearer, I don’t wake up congested in the morning, my sense of smell is ridiculous…
But the very best surprise, was that after about a month and a half, i went to a rehearsal one night, and the power that came out of my lungs when I began singing was a shocker.
People have noticed a difference. They think I’ve paid for expensive vocal training. Nope, I just spent 60 bucks on an E-Cigarette.
The funniest part is that many of my band members have started flirting with E-Cigarettes as well (which is great, because then we get to sample different flavors!)

Regardless of any motivations or positive changes, it really just boils down to this:
Thank you, Safecig.
My life has been changed for the better.

~ Corynne Linkous

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