Before Switching to The Safecig Part II

Before switching to the Safecig, I never realized I was missing out on the ability of doing normal daily simple things such as climbing trees with my 4 year old grandson, racing to the ocean to take a swim, the ability to smell foods cooking from neighbor’s kitchen as I walk by, the aroma of fresh cut grass, the amazing taste of food.  To be able take in the smell of my brand new granddaughters baby breath, the ability to speak directly into people’s faces without having to stand a foot away, sitting in bars and restaurants without finding one excuse after another to get up and leave to go outside.  The smell of roses. Going into a Movie Theater to watch an entire movie without missing the plot as you sneak out to smoke.  No longer having to wash my clothes every single day to get rid of the odor, the ability of taking deep breaths without coughing. No more chest pain, no more being out of breath. No more carrying breath mints and toothbrushes in your purse. No more people looking at you in disgust while you spend every single break standing outside in parking lots in horrible weather conditions during work.  No more dreading long flights on airplanes.

These things, so normal and simple for the non-smoker,  is such a wonderful amazing life change to one who has smoked over a pack a day for 40 years. You see, as a smoker, you adjust your daily life to accommodate your smoking.  Smoking rules your life, rules your daily activities. Smoking sets your limitations.  Nobody said I could do it.  I’ve been nagged on my smoking on a daily basis for most of my life.  However, thanks to Safecig, I stand proud to announce I have been cigarette free for over 10 months.  From the day my first order came in, I haven’t picked up a cigarette since.  Safecig set me free. There are no more limitations of what I can now do.  And everyone said I wouldn’t quit.  They were wrong.  Thank you Safecig.  I owe you my life. (Lindy S.)

Before switching to The Safecig I never knew I was missing out on a better way to deliver nicotine to my body. I started smoking when I was 14. I am 29 now. I tired to quit smoking 3 times, A friend of mine told me about E-cigs. I was curious so I asked about them. He told me they are smokeless, No odor, No poison or Tar. But water vapor and 1% nicotine…I said I was interested. He bought a safecig kit from his roommate that quit in 3 months. Which I thought was pretty cool. I did about 20 hours of research online to find they best, state of the art with the best vapor production and Taylor made models and also made right here in California, Doing great things for folks out there while offering a product made in the USA!!!  and The Safecig was at the top of my search results. I ordered your kit and love it !. The vapor is great and I love the taste of the classic 11mg. I have been on your kit full time for 3 months. Have not smoked any real cigs and starting to hate the smell of smoke.. Thank you so much!! I would love to try your Microkit. I am reading great reviews!!!

Jason. T.

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