"A Superior Experience!" The Safecig Micro

Safecig client, Chris Brunk was skeptical about electronic cigarettes. After much research, he tried the best. Here is his account:

Editorial Note: The only changes made to this review was one spelling error and it was formatted into multiple paragraphs for ease of reading.

MicropacksJust got my micro in the mail today! So far so good! I’ve been using the original for about a month and a half now, enjoyed it, but I prefer this for the simple reason it resembles the cigarettes I used to smoke (Camel Menthol Silver).

Two things:

1 – Great product and I’ve actually been able to convince a couple friends & co-workers to give you guys a shot…with positive results!

2 – Thanks for the great shipping policy! Everytime I order from you, it’s always within 5 days that I receive my stuff (and that’s using free, standard shipping from CA to MI). Awesome!

My personal experience: Admittedly I was skeptical about the whole “e-cig” thing. A couple friends had tried other brands, it didn’t work, and back to the same old routine. After I really got serious about quitting, I did research and compared some different brands. I decided to go with the Safecig and am glad that I did. The construction is superior (in my opinion based upon the others that I had seen my friends buy), the service is great, and my satisfaction level on the difficulty of smoking is high (compared to previous attempts over the years). I started with the original, which was good but it felt too heavy and bulky for me to really enjoy it.

I confess that, like many others, actually enjoy the act of smoking. What I was really waiting for was the micro to be released, but decided that “Coming Soon” can mean many different things…so, go with what’s available, right? I have just received my micro and it is a superior experience, in my opinion. Much lighter, more discreet, and most importantly, closer to my personal experience since it even resembles the brand I used to smoke in appearance.

The only real criticism I could give is the “micro pack” and the rubber inserts: the goal is to hold the refills in place, along with your two batteries. This is a good idea, however, it could strongly benefit from the application of an adhesive along the edges simply because the inserts tend to not line up when reinserting the e-cig into the pack. Aside from that, no complaints.

I even have a couple friends and co-workers that have tried it out and are considering buying their own or have done so already, all with positive reactions. Thanks again for a great product, the excellent service (both in delivery and online…I tend to try out online chat features of companies I use just to see how they measure up and the Safecig chat CSR was very helpful and professional).

Best wishes to all who are using or debating on giving it a shot!

Thank you, Chris, for such a thorough review of The Micro!

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