Safecig Euro Wall Charger: European Wall Plugs Meet European Charger

Safecig knows how frustrating it can be to have an electronic device that is rendered useless due to an insufficient charge. That is why Safecig strives to provide the best products available including a variety of chargers such as the Euro Charger. Don’t let your European travels and residency put a damper on your ability to have electronic cigarettes.

The Euro Charger is the perfect addition to your Safecig purchase if you plan on traveling in Europe. But don’t get too excited if you like it in the UK because this Euro Charger won’t work with UK outlets! Don’t worry, our UK Charger is coming soon, but until then, try our USB Charger Cord or Car Charger. Our USB Charger Cord is compatible with all USB computer ports, and our Car Charger is compatible with domestic and foreign car outlets. Never be without your electronic cigarette!

Electronic cigarettes are tobacco-free, carbon monoxide free and virtually odor free.  And they can be smoked just about anywhere because they are non-combustible! Choose Safecig for all of your electronic cigarette needs and electronic cigarette charging needs.

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