The Safecig Eliminates the Need for Tobacco Cigarettes

Many people who use an electronic cigarette note that they have quit smoking. The Safecig eliminates smoke by providing nicotine through a warmed vapor solution that resembles the appearance of smoke. The Safecig offers six nicotine levels in the original battery and one in the micro, with the other five slated for release before Christmas 2011.

Janice Reisinger noted, “Best safecig in the world! No tobacco cigarettes since receiving the Safecig. I was a very heavy smoker. Now I’m tobacco free and will never go back! Thanks for an awesome product! My family is also grateful!

Steve Ouimet stated, “After weeks of research, safecigs wins by a mile!! just ordered deluxe kit with 4 refill packs – even paid for expedited shipping which I normally don’t do…..I’m that excited to get it! Considering how many people smoke, this has the potential to be the greatest invention of the 21st century! Thanks!!!

The Safecig eliminates the need for traditional cigarettes and eliminates the combustion process that causes a multitude of diseases and deaths. You, too, can be free from smoking tobacco with The Safecig’s electronic cigarette.

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