The Safecig Electronic Cigarette Refills

gamucci-electronic-cigaretteMany people want to know more about the refill cartridges, such as their shelf life, flavor options, and various nicotine levels available. Selecting which electronic cigarette refill will best serve you can be a bit overwhelming the first time you order. We are here to help!

Shelf Life

The Safecig Atomized Refills are good for one week after opening. Each pack of refills has a shelf life of three months when following storage guidelines. Refills should not be stored in direct sunlight; in high humid areas, including a bathroom or kitchen; or in a place that is enclosed, such as a vehicle.


The Safecig offers three flavors that model tobacco cigarettes. Traditional, classic, and menthol each have unique tastes that stimulate your own personal preferences.

  • Traditional – Having been a full-flavor or reds smoker for many years, I found that the traditional atomized refills hit the spot the best. The robust flavor stimulates my senses like tobacco counterparts.
  • Classic – The flavor of classic atomized refills have a milder taste than traditional, but still pack a punch for non-menthol smokers accustomed to the lighter flavors found in tobacco cigarettes.
  • Menthol – Menthol refills are exactly that. They offer a crisp, smooth taste that is cleaner than tobacco menthol cigarettes yet tickle your senses.

If ever you are in doubt about which flavor of refill to purchase, contact customer support. Let them know what brand and strength of cigarette you presently enjoy and they will help you determine which flavor will best match your tastes for a truly pleasurable experience with The Safecig.

Nicotine Levels

The Safecig offers six nicotine levels for the heavy to light smoker.

  • 24 mg refills are comparable to “non filters.”
  • 18 mg kicks like “full flavored.”
  • 14 mg refills are comparable to “mediums.”
  • 11 mg packs a punch comparable to “lights.”
  • 6 mg refills are comparable to “ultra-lights.”
  • 0 mg cartridges are packed with flavor but contain no nicotine at all.

You may find that some nicotine strengths serve you better at certain points of the day or with triggers that typically encourage you to light a tobacco counter part. Personally, I shuffle between two strengths of refill atomizers with the lower being my norm, but the higher of the two is available for those really tough cravings.

Sometimes a bit of trial and error is necessary to determine exactly what works for you. Remember to have fun and vape responsibly!

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