The Safecig is The Best Electronic Cigarette

The Safecig has been touted as the best electronic cigarette by multiple companies. Here are a few reasons:

Our business was the first to introduce the electronic cigarette in the United States. We take pride in producing a quality product time and time again to ensure your vaping experience is filled with nothing but joy. . .

It is said that, “If you want to get something done right, you have to do it yourself,” so that’s exactly what we have done. In the 4 years since we introduced electronic cigarettes to the American market, over 300 new companies have popped up. Although these companies aim for the same objective, the products they offer are still built on the same technology that was available 4 years ago.  Admittedly, very little has changed with the technology of electronic cigarettes in the last 4 years…Until now.

As a company, we refuse to let electronic cigarettes be the next disappearing fad that never quite made it because no one was willing to invest in their future. We feel a responsibility to develop the usability, safety and reliability of these products. Not only are we devoted to creating a world class product, but we actually have it in our hands right now and are making it available to the public. The Safecig is the only electronic cigarette company in America that privately funds all of its own research, development and engineering for all of their products.

Our refills taste better and last longer than others on the market. Don’t take our word on this:

Mark Anthony Felder, Sr. said,

I have been using Safecig since Jan 2011, almost a year. Let me just say, after trying 5 other brands including Blu, Safecig is definately the best. Their refills are stronger, last longer and taste better than the others. Also, their batteries hold at charge longer.

As a company, we take immense pride in providing the best product on the market and it shows. From the individual person to the small business; The Safecig is there!

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