Revisiting Success – Safecig User Testimonial

A few months ago, I brought you a personal story of tragedy inspiring triumph as Emma Ramshaw shared of the losses she had in her life as a result of cigarettes. Knowing she could be just another statistic in the growing epidemic of deaths resulting from cigarettes, Emma made a decision to eliminate tobacco cigarettes from her life.

Emma lived with smokers growing up. As an adult, she followed in their footsteps. When the urgency to quit smoking hit Emma, the number of quit attempts continued to increase; all without success. As the saying goes, “To achieve success in what you desire, you must stop doing things the same way; reaching out to new horizons.” Emma found a new horizon in an alternative to cigarettes. While she knew that she would still be satisfying her craving for nicotine, she would be doing so without the 4,000 chemicals found in cigarettes. “It was worth a try.” Emma thought.

This week Emma shared an update on our Facebook page. Along with the update, Emma shared the picture featured here. She stated,

This is me, after being cigarette free for 3 months. I’m 14 pounds lighter, I’m glowing and healthy – and I just finished my first competitive running race! 7 miles of steep coastal trails in just under 2 hours and I placed 23rd in my category. None of that would have been possible if I’d been smoking my regular pack a day, I couldn’t even run a block three months back. Thank you, Safecig, for giving the chance to be the best I can be.

Emma took a chance on The Safecig after trying to quit smoking many times. Emma’s experience with her eCig has been a true testimonial to the power of determination and desire to achieve a long-standing goal. We, as a company, make no claims to be a tool to quit smoking. We provide an alternative to cigarettes that eliminates thousands of chemicals.

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