Real Life – The Safecig Difference

We have recently been told of a few people who have made huge differences in their lives by eliminating tobacco cigarettes from their lives with the help of The Safecig.

The first came by way of one of our Twitter followers (@getsafecig):

One of our customers has been on ur cigs for 1 week & has cut his 2 pack/day addiction down to 1 so far! Thanks Safecig!

The other was posted on our Facebook wall by Nina Hargrave:

I have a testimony. I went to visit with family this past week. Many of my friends are smokers. I stayed with my bro and his girl. They smoke in the house. I flew and had layovers, delays, and all the stresses of travel. I drank, went to clubs, danced, and was surrounded by smokers. I smelled like a walking cigarette. I NEVER had the urge to pick up a cigarette. After all that, I’m still a non smoker!!! Thanks safecig, thanks.

Both of these instances are unique to the person using The Safecig. Some of our clients use our electronic cigarette as a filler between cigarettes when bans and restrictions make it difficult to light up; others decide to eliminate tobacco cigarettes completely. No matter what they chose to do, we are here to encourage them (and you) along the way.

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