Original Safe Case

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What's in the box

  • Safe Case

Original Safe Case for your Safecig on the go.

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The Safe Case offers great protection for your Safecig on the go. Each case is designed to hold 2 Original batteries, or 1 Max battery and 1 Original, as well as 2 Original refills. Our Safe Case is designed to work with original Safecig components, but can house Micro components as well.

Technical Specifications

Weight and Measurements

4.25" 2.75"

In The Box

  • Safe Case


Required for use

These items are NOT included and are required for a full Safecig experience.
Required: Original Kit - We have starter kits for every smoker. Find the right one for you
Required: Refill Cartridges - Many flavors and strengths available. Find the right one for you
Required: Original Batteries - We have batteries in regular and MAX sizes to suit every need. Find the right one for you


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