National Coffee Day: Caffeine and Smokers and Contest Goodies!

Don’t you love your morning coffee?

We all have our routines that nearly extend into rituals every morning and for many people, coffee is part of that routine. In honor of the day, we couldn’t help but share some interesting facts about caffeine and nicotine and how they work together.

Caffeine is found naturally in chocolate, coffee, and tea. An excess of caffeine is responsible for:

  • anxiety
  • restlessness
  • mood changes
  • increased hunger
  • insomnia

For smokers, nicotine cravings are responsible for:

  • increased hunger
  • mood changes
  • restlessness
  • insomnia or drowsiness
  • anxiety

Ironic right?

Nicotine and caffeine both effect the metabolic system in the body. When consumed together, nicotine actually burns the caffeine out of your body more rapidly than in a person who does not smoke. If you were to quit smoking and continued drinking the same amount of coffee per day, the level of caffeine in your body would continue to increase, doubling after just three weeks of no nicotine use!

Are you a coffee drinker? What is your favorite type of coffee?

Caffeine isn’t solely limited to coffee, though coffee has the highest concentration of caffeine per serving. Here are a few numbers to sink your teeth into:

  • 8 oz of drip-brewed coffee contains 85 mg of caffeine
  • 8 oz of percolated coffee contains 75 mg caffeine
  • 8 oz of brewed tea contains 40 mg of caffeine
  • 8 oz of instant tea contains 28 mg caffeine
  • 1 oz of bakers chocolate contains 26 mg caffeine
  • 1 oz semi-sweet dark chocolate contains 20 mg caffeine
  • 8 oz decaffeinated coffee contains 3 mg caffeine

Even decaf has caffeine!

For those who do not consume nicotine, 1 gram of caffeine can cause intoxication with effects including:

  • muscle twitching
  • rambling thoughts and speech
  • rapid or irregular heart rate
  • irritability and agitation

For those who utilize nicotine in their daily lives and consume caffeinated products, they can nearly double the intake of a non-smoker before having an intoxicated reaction!

So what is your favorite morning beverage?

We asked that question not too long ago and even asked for pictures of your favorite morning kick-start. The images received all contained COFFEE! Please leave a comment to vote for your favorite image!

Picture 1:

Picture 2:

I’ll announce the winner tomorrow at 11:00 PST!

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