Introducing The Safecig BLINK – Portable Electronic Cigarette Charger

Introducing The Safecig BLINK – The thinnest & most powerful Portable Electronic Cigarette Charger in the World. Preorder now & save 10%.


Blink can recharge your Original battery 5 times over right from your pocket.

Developed for users on the go The Blink is the latest in mobile technology. Designed to simplify your life, The Blink will fully charge your battery and act as a portable storage device for an additional 3 refill cartridges! It can conveniently refresh your Safecig batteries up to seven times before needing recharged. When it’s time to recharge, The Blink simply plugs it into your PC or MAC and fully recharges in under 3 hours. This makes The Blink the ideal mobile recharge pack for all your Safecig needs!

Additionally, The Blink can charge far more than just electronic cigarette batteries. Inside is a powerful microcomputer and a built-in 1020mAh polymer Li-ion rechargeable battery that allows The Blink to charge many other electronic devices. The Blink features three different connectors for:

Mini USB for Motorola or Blackberry smartphones
A micro USB port for Nokia, LG, and Samsung smartphones
A 2.0 DC-IN/DC-OUT for recharging the unit itself.

Never again will the busy mobile warrior be without power on the go!

The Blink is available for the original and the micro. It ships in January. Order yours today!

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