The High Cost of Smoking Combated with The Safecig

The cost of smoking extends beyond just the high-priced tobacco products. Along side all the medical expenses, insurance premiums are higher for those who smoke, too. Some insurance companies will offer deep discounts on term-life coverage premiums. Often reaching 45 percent! In America, citizens most often receive insurance coverage through their employers. Companies that pay a portion of those premiums notice this and several other ways that smokers reduce company profits.

While the cost of health-care is obvious, smokers also bring down workplace moral. The average smoker misses 50 percent more days than nonsmokers. In 1974, the Dow Chemical Company found that smokers were absent an average of five and one-half days more per year. Not only were temporary replacements needed, productivity declined overall. Smoke breaks reduce the actual time spent working with smokers away from their work stations an average of twenty minutes multiple times a day. These employees also showed an increase in errors compared to their nonsmoking counterparts.

As employers have banned smoking in workplaces, the cost of maintenance has also declined. There is less cleaning to be done including removing tobacco stains from walls, washing windows, cleaning draperies, and picking up cigarette butts. Furniture has lasted longer as well. The deep cleaning required monthly has been able to be reduced to twice a year instead.

All of these costs come with smoking tobacco cigarettes. The tar, carbon monoxide, ash byproducts, stubs, and offensive smell effect the workplace more than originally thought by businesses. At The Safecig, we are proud to eliminate the need for burning tobacco products to make businesses cleaner. Without the harmful secondhand smoke pollution, the air is much easier to breathe, too!

Our electronic cigarette provides a nicotine vapor to smokers instead of thick smoke riddled with thousands of chemicals, seventy of which are known carcinogens, and thick tar that stains anything it touches. Our e-cig is available in six nicotine levels: 24 mg, 18 mg, 14 mg, 11 mg, 6 mg, and 0 mg and fourteen flavors including traditional, classic, and menthol. There is something for every type of smoker, including those who just enjoy going through the motions of smoking without nicotine.

The end of the cigarette illuminates a soft red glow when taking a drag; the nicotine vapor looks like smoke, but without the pungent chemical smell; there is even the crackling sound of tobacco burning that happens while vaping that stimulates all the same senses experienced when smoking traditional cigarettes without the foul odors, carbon monoxide, tar and ash.

By changing how you smoke, you can boost productivity and moral in the workplace, too. People will notice that the burning chemical smell is gone from your clothes and hair, the tar stains on your fingers and teeth will begin to fade, and you will have more confidence in reaching company productivity goals. At The Safecig, we value your hard-earned work and offer free shipping, a lifetime warranty, and a 30-day money back guarantee.

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