Electronic Cigarettes are Tobacco Free

Electronic cigarettes by The Safecig are a two-piece design.

Starter Kit Large

The first piece is a rechargeable battery that has a light at one end and a connection screw on the other. The second part is a disposable cartridge that twists into the battery. The cartridge contains a liquid solution with nicotine that is warmed by the battery to produce vapor when a person draws upon the eCig. The solution contains no tobacco and does not burn like traditional cigarettes. The vapor, when exhaled, resembles cigarette smoke with no foul smell.

As showcased over the last week, we’ve had many people try The Safecig for a variety of personal reasons and with their own goals for a tobacco free life. We have thoroughly enjoyed learning more about and interacting with each of our customers through our Facebook Fan Page and on Twitter. You’ve all shared great stories of success, setbacks, and success again. We are proud you’ve selected The Safecig is your alternative to traditional cigarettes and your means to live a tobacco-free life.

Thank you to all who entered this week! Congratulations go out to Frankie.

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