Customer Testimonial About The Switch

The following post stems from a long conversation I recently was privileged to be part of with one of our clients, Mrs. Clark out of Texas. In asking permission to share my conversation with all of you, the Clark’s requested that their full names not be used, however happily obliged in allowing their last name and state to be published with this piece.


“We are a married couple with children. We had been advised by our children’s pediatrician to quit smoking on numerous occasions over the years. As a couple, we’ve each tried to quit smoking together and individually. Every attempt we made at quitting failed.”

What prompted you to try The Safecig?

“One of our children has breathing issues. The issues are so severe, it was requested that we smoke outside of our home, replace our furniture, have carpets cleaned, and our vehicle detailed just to reduce the exposure our child faced from the years my husband and I smoked. When we met with [our pediatrician] following a recent trip to the emergency room with our child, we were again advised that quitting smoking was the only way to ensure our child’s health. Following that appointment, my husband and I considered taking prescriptions even though we’ve watched family members have horrible side effects. To put it simply, we were desperate for anything. In discussing our need to quit smoking with a friend who had recently quit, we were advised to look at your product and do research on electronic cigarettes before filling the prescriptions our general practitioner wrote out.”

What did you find when you researched electronic cigarettes in general?

“We read about them for weeks. We learned about many different companies and the different types of electronic cigarettes. My husband actually asked questions of many companies through Facebook and together we compared the answers provided to the reviews we had found on the Internet. It was an easy decision to make once we had an understanding about how [electronic cigarettes] worked and some semblance of the amount of customer service a company would provide.”

How did you handle the transition from traditional cigarettes to The Safecig?

“Honestly, we were so desperate to quit. . . I didn’t know if an electronic cigarette would satisfy the act of smoking. The day we quit, we had run out of cigarettes mid-day and my husband and I bantered about who would go get more. Within a few minutes, my husband said, ‘Forget it! I’m quitting!’ And that was the end of tobacco cigarettes. I won’t lie, it was really difficult at first. I think our first three days without tobacco cigarettes left us both moody and irritable, but by day 4, everything was easier. We still went outside to use our electronic cigarettes and the way the vapor felt was really similar to smoke, but didn’t taste near as harsh.”

How long have you been without a tobacco cigarette?

“It’s now been just over a month since we last touched a cigarette.”

How have your lives changed since making the switch?

“We haven’t been back to the emergency room with our child, our child’s pediatrician hasn’t complained about our use of The Safecig in lieu of tobacco cigarettes, and my husband and I both have begun exercising regularly. All in all, our lives are far better than they were a month ago. Neither one of us is scared to be near our child! We shower [our child] with hugs and kisses every chance we get.”

If you could give our customers one piece of advice about The Safecig, what would it be?

“Don’t wait.”

The Safecig is sold for recreational use only. It is neither intended or marketed as a quit smoking aid or cessation device.

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