Customer Gratitude for The Safecig

Thanksgiving in the United States is tomorrow. It is the beginning of a six-week stretch of holidays that carry us into the new year. We have heard from some of our clients who want to express gratitude for how The Safecig has changed their lives:

I ordered the deluxe kit on Mother’s day when Safecig had a 20% off sale. This e-cig has been my choice since then. I have tried 2 brands before Safecig and 2 other brands after. They are the best for flavor I’ve found. Thank you Safecig for a fabulous product! ~Laura

Update after using Safecig for over 6 months. My wife and I both purchased Deluxe kits and have been tobacco free for over 6 months. Never dreamed giving up tobacco could be so painless. NO withdrawal at all. We plan to step down slowly till we end up on the “0? mg. carts but not rush it. Between both of us we have six batteries and all 6 and the chargers have been flawless so far. Customer service has been excellent as has shipping (free shipping). I had tried another brand (Smoke Tip) first and both batteries died within 3 weeks. Tried another brand back in March (V2)and had numerous dud cartridges and after a short time the charger died. Safecig rules and highly recommend them to friends and family. I would definitely advise going with the deluxe kit. No worries of running out of power with 3 batteries and the extras you get are well worth it. Thanks, Safecig! ~Rick

I ordered the Safecig, hoping this would actually help me to end my long-time addiction to tobacco… worked! This product is really amazing. I recommend it to anyone trying to kick the tobacco habit. ~Sandy

Thank you all for changing your lives with The Safecig. We love knowing you are without all the harmful effects the combustion process of traditional cigarettes brings.

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