Casinos Welcome E-Cigs, Hope Crowds Return

Connecticut resort and casino Foxwoods and MGM Grand Foxwoods are breaking new ground as they begin the sale of electronic cigarettes in their facilities. Despite questions from many public health authorities, electronic cigarette sales are on the rise and are popular with current smokers as well as those who are trying to quit. The revenue of many casinos has dropped over recent years and the smoking bans that have been enacted are partly to blame. Owners are hoping that the use of the electronic cigarette may encourage smokers to return.

Electronic cigarettes are battery operated devices that heat and vaporize liquid nicotine to be inhaled. This delivers the needed nicotine to curb cravings while eliminating the dangerous cancer causing chemicals found in the smoke itself. E-cigs are healthier alternatives to traditional tobacco products but are yet to be approved by the Food and Drug Administration. The e-cig industry has seen a boost to its ego as earlier this year a federal judge recommended that the FDA begin regulating e-cigarettes not as medical delivery devices but as a tobacco product. The judge also lifted a ban on the import of electronic cigarettes from China.

The Attorney General of Connecticut still remains skeptical about the use of electronic cigarette devices despite their popularity. The numerous gaming facilities that do not allow smoking of traditional cigarettes in their facilities do in fact allow the use of the electronic cigarette in all areas of the building, including hotel rooms and game rooms. Any facility that follows a smoking ban indoors would find an excellent alternative in the use of electronic cigarettes. In some malls and other public areas, you may soon see electronic cigarette kiosks popping up–small stands where customers can purchase a variety of electronic cigarettes along with accessories and refills.

Gamblers and patrons of the Foxwood Casino may purchase an electronic cigarette kit while visiting with a cost of $129.95 which includes all the necessary equipment to be puffing away in a few moments. For $14.95 a refill kit can be purchased–which has the nicotine replacement equal to that of a carton of traditional cigarettes. Because e-cigs are so similar in appearance to traditional cigarettes, each individual establishment would be responsible for setting its own regulations about their use. Some venues welcome them, while others feel their use should be restricted just as traditional tobacco products despite their smoke-free design.

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