Breaking News! CEO John Cameron Speaks in Washington, DC

John David Cameron, CEO of TheSafecig, was invited to shed light about the real facts about electronic cigarettes at the renowned National Press Club in Washington, DC.

Los Angeles, CA (PRWEB) September 23, 2011

John David Cameron, CEO of The Safecig – America’s First Electronic Cigarette, was invited to speak at the world famous National Press Club on Tuesday evening (September 20) in Washington DC, where such speakers as Bill Clinton, Condoleezza Rice and Rudy Giuliani have all previously taken the podium. Cameron was excited to accept the invitation and shed some light on the recent attention the product is getting in wake of The US Department of Transportation (DoT) submitting a proposal to ban the use of electronic cigarettes on aircrafts.

Cameron was a pack a day cigarette smoker for over ten years who managed to quit smoking due to the aid of electronic cigarettes. Since then Cameron has devoted all his time and resources into further understanding and researching electronic cigarettes which he believes has the potential to stamp out tobacco cigarettes.

“This year, we will lose almost 6 million people to tobacco related deaths, not to mention the devastating effects to our economy. More than $96 billion dollars is spent per year in treating tobacco-related illnesses, and an additional $97 billion in lost productivity owing to tobacco related issues. We have potentially found the first real alternative to tobacco consumption and are eager to share our research and resources with the DoT.”

Cameron feels so strongly about his mission that he left, working with his brother James Cameron, on film production to devote all his time to further research. To help The Safecig become a more widely accepted and sought after product, Cameron has already had top engineers create the next evolution of electronic cigarettes, which his company calls The Micro. The Micro is the smallest and slimmest electronic cigarette on the market, which makes it look and feel more like a tobacco cigarette to consumers. It is clear that in time the product will be indistinguishable from typical cigarettes.

Cameron goes on to say, “We absolutely agree flights should be non smoking, but vaporizing is something completely different and should not be categorized in the same way”.

Cameron’s talk at The National Press Club was well attended and stands as a testament that Cameron has become the foremost expert in the field of electronic cigarettes.

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